Why Am I Running?

Christa Olenczak for House 25, Daniel Blackman for Georgia Public Service Commission District 4, Natalie Bucsko for House 24, Brooke Griffiths for Senate 27, Sharon Ravert for House 9, and Melissa Clink, chair of the Forsyth County Democratic Party in Atlanta on the first day of Qualifying.

Why Am I Running?

As a Millennial, woman, mother, and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have watched a lot of concerning things happen over the past few years. Medical debt and student loan debt holding people back. Friends not getting medical treatment because they couldn’t afford it. Women’s rights chipped away more and more. People dying in mass shootings. Women murdered by their abusive partners. Vulnerable populations forced out of their homes through no fault of their own. Systemic bias resulting in lives lost. Oppressive statutes that favor one religion’s freedom over the freedom of all others. All these things, and more, impact not only myself, my family and friends, but everyone in District 24.

I have voted, canvassed, volunteered, marched, written letters, made phone calls, engaged in debate, and numerous other things to fight for the change I want to see. I have been dedicated to helping improve the lives of those around me. That dedication led me here. I want to really create change and impact the lives of everyone in Forsyth County — and Georgia. That is why I decided to run.

While people get excited and invested in Federal level elections, the truth is that local elections impact your day-to-day life much more. Who represents you at the state level is much more important than who goes to Washington. The folks in Washington, not only do they not know you or what you deal with everyday, they also can’t write policy to change it. They aren’t involved in state law. Being able to make a real difference close to home – that is why I am running for State House.

What do I care about? In a nutshell, the economy, the environment, education, and equality. What kind of issues does that impact?

  • Property valuation for tax purposes
  • Public education funding and access
  • Affordable health-care access
  • Protecting the environment
  • Gun safety reform
  • Recognizing bodily autonomy
  • Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Protections for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Religious freedom for all religions

I’ve paid attention to our last legislative sessions, concerned at what is happening in our state. I watched women be compared to bubblegum. I saw the white privilege of voting against a Hate Crime bill. I witnessed an unconstitutional abortion ban — which wastes tax payer dollars — be passed. I read bills that make gun access easier. I’ve seen people vote blindly down party lines instead of truly considering the will of the people they were hired to represent. As your representative in the Georgia State Legislature, I will fight for YOU. I’ll fight for Forsyth. I’ll fight for the future. I’ll fight for everyone.

Qualifying to be on the ballot

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