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Natalie Bucsko is the first Democrat to run for the District 24 House seat in 20 years.

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July 9th, 2020: New Democratic Candidate Runs for Georgia House District 24

Forsyth County, Georgia– Natalie Bucsko is proud to say that she is running for House of Representatives for District 24 as a candidate in the Democratic party. This is the first time in 20 years a Democrat has challenged for the seat, giving residents of the City of Cumming and Forsyth County a choice they didn’t previously have. Bucsko is one of a group of Democratic candidates showing up for Cumming and Forsyth County. This is the first year in decades every resident of Forsyth County has a Democratic candidate for both State House and State Senate to vote for at the same time. 

Bucsko hopes this increase in Democratic candidates will also increase voter turnout. “Many people didn’t see the point in going to the polls before because there was only one person to vote for. That’s changed. Now there is a choice.” 

Forsyth’s history is blighted with racism, but the demographics have been steadily shifting to a more diverse makeup. The influx of Democratic candidates in the area is both a reflection of and response to that. 

Bucsko’s personal platform includes fighting for more funding for education and fighting for policies that will protect students from all different backgrounds. As a mother, one of her key issues is education. “I am disappointed in the GOP led decision to cut almost $1B in funding to education in our state. Every child in Georgia deserves an education. And our teachers deserve more respect, protection, and compensation for their impact on the future generations,” Bucsko explains. 

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July 14, 2020: Candidate for State House District 24 Support Parents & Teachers Looking for Answers 

As Forsyth Schools Plan for Reopening, Many Questions Remain Unanswered 

Forsyth County, GA: As the start of the school year nears, many parents, teachers and staff have growing concerns about the handling of reopening. A group has gotten together to send a letter to Forsyth Superintendent Dr. Bearden as well as the Forsyth County Board of Education hoping to get some clarification not only on the procedures and guidelines but also on the motivations and reasoning behind the decisions. 

Natalie Bucsko, the Democratic candidate for State House in District 24, stands with these parents, educators, and school staff members in their pursuit of information. “In my opinion, the failure is from the top down and at every level here in Georgia,” Bucsko said. “We have Governor Kemp doing a ‘mask tour’ but telling municipalities that create mask mandates that they are unenforceable. We have a State Legislature that cut $950M from the education budget in the middle of a pandemic, severely limiting actions schools can take. We have school boards and superintendents playing politics instead of doing their jobs to safely educate students.” 

Forsyth County Schools has indicated they will resume full-time, full-classroom face-to-face learning on August 6th with “masks expected but not required.” They will also have a virtual option available for those not ready to send their children to school. Neighboring counties have delayed start dates or gone to a 100% virtual model for opening, while others are opening in person but requiring masks. The questions from this group emailed to Dr. Bearden and the Board include concerns about the safety and well-being of students, how teachers will be protected, steps that will be taken and more. The full letter is available for download below. 

“The superintendent indicated he recognizes that the science supports wearing a mask significantly reduces risk, yet won’t take that step to protect the students, teachers, and staff of Forsyth County Schools,” Bucsko continued. “I do not envy the position the school boards and superintendents across the state find themselves in, but they must act in the best interest of their employees and charges. They also must be more transparent about reopening plans.” 

About Natalie Bucsko: Natalie Bucsko is a Democrat running for Georgia State House for District 24. She is the first Democrat to run for the seat in 20 years. She is running to represent every resident of Forsyth and bring the county into the future. You can learn more about her and her platforms at 

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