Voting in Forsyth County

There are many options to vote in Forsyth County, GA this year. Choose what is right for you for your safety and peace of mind – but make sure you get out and vote! You can find more information about voting in Forsyth at Check your registration status, absentee ballot status, early voting locations, and Election Day polling place on the Georgia My Voter Page. You can get your sample ballot there as well!


When voting absentee, make sure you fill in the bubbles properly. DO not use a check mark or an X – fill the bubble in completely. You can mail your ballot back or drop it off at the secure drop box at 1201 Sawnee Drive, Cumming, GA 30040.

Early Voting

Forsyth has specific days and times you can vote early in person. This is a form of absentee voting, so be sure to check your absentee ballot status on the My Voter Page after voting! Here are the locations, days, and times you can early vote in Forsyth. unlike Election Day voting, you are not tied to a specific polling place for early voting – choose the one that works best for you!

Election Day

Check your My Voter Page for your polling location for Election Day voting. Remember – you have a right to vote! Do not be intimidated away. If you are in line before the polls close – don’t leave! You have a right to vote and they must stay open to let you. If you see people trying to scare folks away from voting, report it! Report to the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Voter Protection Hotline: 1-888-730-5816

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