As your representative in the Georgia State Legislature, I will fight for YOU. I’ll fight for Forsyth. I’ll fight for the future. I’ll fight for everyone. Whether we agree or not, I will fight for YOU.

Property Taxes

Currently, home values are inflated for tax purposes. Though you may have bought your home for $150,000 15 years ago, a new neighborhood went in across the street and your area is growing. So, now the county says it has a fair market value of $250,000. But you are on a fixed income and the increase in taxes is pricing you out of the home you’ve lived in for over a decade. Through no fault of your own, you are forced to sell and leave.



Georgia ranks 31st in the country for K-12 education. Forsyth County may be 4th in the state, but in a state that isn’t in the top 50% of the country, that means there is room for improvement. We need to ensure funding for our public schools, make sure every child has similar opportunities — even if they don’t live in an area with money pouring in from high-priced properties.


Affordable Healthcare

The failure of our Governor and Legislature to expand Medicaid has had disastrous effects for Georgia, especially those in rural areas. Georgia ranks 39th in the United States overall for healthcare, and 41st for access. Our maternal mortality rate is the highest in the nation at a rate of 46.2 – a number that jumps to 66.6 for black women. Half of all counties have no OB/GYN. Some counties have no doctor at all. We have some of the highest healthcare prices in the nation, but a median income of less than $30,000.


My platforms include environment, reproductive rights, gun safety, equality & diversity and more.

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Feminist. Fighter. Wife. Mother. Coach. Writer.

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As a Millennial, woman, mother, and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have watched a lot of concerning things happen over the past few years.

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